About us

Nova Broadband is a different kind of Internet Service Provider. We are dedicated to providing really great internet services to residential and business customers in Ireland. We’ve built our own alternative broadband network which has grown over the years to cover thousands of customers over thousands of square kilometers of Ireland. Using both fibre and fixed wireless technology, we provide broadband to both urban and rural areas, where others can’t.

We’ve been doing this since 2004 and every one of our team loves coming to work in the morning. We started out small but have grown rapidly into a trusted and established ISP – through giving the absolute best customer service and products out there. We are trusted by all types of users – from residential to SME to multinational – to provide reliable connectivity services, day in, day out with the absolute best in customer service and technical support.

What makes us different?

Simple – with Nova Broadband you will love your broadband!

We noticed that many new customers, that were calling us for the first time, were already suspicious of broadband providers in general. We believe that this is because broadband providers don’t treat their customers very well and people have become used to this. At Nova, things are different.

Service Matters!

People might think that broadband is a commodity. Tell that to someone who is tearing their hair out while being passed around a call centre for a week with no answers. You see, it’s service that really matters. We do things differently. Any queries customers have are tracked from start to finish by our staff until they are answered and resolved. And you will usually be dealing with the same person, who will know you by name. That makes a change and is really the main reason why people recommend Nova Broadband.

We Respect Our Customers!

We put ourselves in your shoes – our customer – in everything we do. We know that our customers pay our wages and we never take our customers for granted. This really shows, from our installers to our helpdesk staff (all based in-house in Ireland, no offshore call centres), from our customer service people to accounts, we are always focusing on our customers. We believe in the Golden Rule “Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself” and we promise to observe this rule in dealing with our customers.

Here is what people say.........

“I just want to thank you for the great service we are experiencing since we joined your network, it has been above and beyond what we imagined.
Tom from Tipperary.

“I would highly recommend Nova Broadband to anyone who can’t get good internet in their area!
Cora from North Cork

“I am delighted with Nova broadband. I juts switched to them two months ago and I can’t get over how quick the broadband is. I live in a rural area so do not have a lot of choice of who I can get it from but I must say Nova have been fantastic and very professional. Would highly recommend them.

” I got Nova and have not regretted a second. Great and consistent ping times, consistent transfer speeds and extremely reliable service.
Mark Rural Tipp