What is included in a standard installation?

Before your broadband is installed, please refer to the following document, which covers what is included in a standard installation:

Standard Installation

Can you come out and do a survey?

Due to the time and costs involved, we can’t do surveys for MyWave without a firm order. If our installer can’t get line-of-sight or sufficient signal to install a connection on install day, there is no charge to you whatsoever.

For custom solutions or dedicated bandwidth links, we may do a desktop or physical survey - just let us know.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment of your installation charge (and any hardware you purchase) is made in advance of installation day. Your subscription is paid monthly in advance by direct debit. If you do not wish to pay by direct debit you can pay quarterly in advance by cheque, postal order, online debit or credit card payment but there is a processing charge for non direct-debit payments. If PO numbers are required, please let us know in advance as unpaid invoices may result in our provisioning system automatically suspending connectivity. Just call us and we will be happy to help. Please note we don't accept cash payments. You can pay online at www.novabroadband.ie/paybill

What is the difference between business and residential MyWave packages?

Business MyWave packages differ from residential MyWave packages in the following ways:

  1. Business traffic is prioritised on the network
  2. Business customers get priority support and call-outs
  3. Business packages have a higher upload speed
  4. Business packages have a bigger fair usage data quota
  5. Business prices are ex. VAT and residential are inc. VAT

Note we can't install residential packages at a business location.

Are there any other costs?

Standard installation of MyWave business broadband service, including supply of receiver, is €149.

Non-standard installations may be charged at a day rate or part of. Plant-hire may be charged if required. Business prices are ex. VAT

What is the fair usage/quota policy?

In order to ensure that our customers get the highest speeds possible, we operate a fair usage policy with unlimited downloads. You can download a huge amount of data at full speed but after downloading a certain amount of data on any given day, you will be slowed down automatically until midnight so that others have fair access to the network. Don’t worry – the amount is huge and will never be an issue for 95% of users.

Please see our detailed guide to broadband usage for more details. Fair usage amounts for each package are shown on the MyWave page.

What speeds are available and what speeds should I expect?

MyWave broadband is available in packages up to 20M. Some older parts of the network can only support speeds up to 10M. If this is the case, you will be advised. Your installer will determine the maximum speed possible on your link and if we are not able to sustain the speed ordered, you will be offered a downgrade.

You might also want to consult our detailed guide to broadband speeds.

Which MyWave broadband package would suit my business?

For a small office with a couple of users, 10M would provide plenty of speed, but you could get away with 5M if you are on a budget.

If you have multiple users or need faster access for a VPN, critical cloud-based app access, or plenty of overead for VOIP, you would be best to go for 20M for the best performance.

How does MyWave broadband work?

MyWave broadband uses FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) technology, transferring your internet data over radio waves. Because the receiving antenna is professionally installed in a fixed location, we can deliver a stable and reliable broadband service to customers. Irish businesses have depended on FWA broadband from Nova for 10 years for their primary connectivity for mission-critical services such as email, web access, online apps/cloud, VPNs and VOIP.

Our broadband and phone service is transmitted from our own base stations. A small antenna receives the signal at your business with the broadband and phone services coming in over a single cable. This means you don’t need a phone line to get our broadband and phone service.