Residential FAQs

How does Nova Gigabit broadband work?

Nova Gigabit Broadband is the fastest broadband network in Ireland. Powered by SIRO using real Fibre to the Home. Check out this video explaining how it works:

Do you have Nova Gigabit Broadband coverage in my area?

Please add this paragraph to the top: To get our Nova Gigabit Broadband your home must be enabled on the Siro network. Go to to check your Eircode or get in touch with our sales team who can check it for you.

How does Supernova broadband work?

Supernova broadband uses FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) technology, transferring your internet data over radio waves. Because the receiving antenna is professionally installed in a fixed location, we can deliver a stable and reliable broadband service to customers. This is why Supernova is nothing like mobile broadband (3G/4G), which can only achieve patchy performance due to using tiny antennae in which move around constantly in less than ideal conditions.

Our broadband and phone service is transmitted from our own base stations. A small antenna receives the signal at your house with the broadband and phone services coming in over a single cable. A wireless router can then be connected allowing use by multiple users.

Do you have coverage in my area?

To get our Supernova wireless broadband service, you need to be within coverage of our transmitters. This means having line of sight to one of them, so that our installers can place an antenna at your home/office in a position that it can see a transmitter. We have many of these transmitters so usually as long as you are in our coverage zone, we can provide you with service.

Firstly, please take a look at our coverage map on our home page to ensure that you are broadly within our coverage zone.

Then, our sales staff can take a closer look at our internal online mapping system to see if you have line of sight to a transmitter.

Lastly, our installers are highly-trained and skilled engineers, who will, on install day, check to make sure you have optimal signal at your location. If the signal shows up on the day as being in any way marginal, the install will not go ahead and you will not be charged.


When are you coming to my area?

We are constantly expanding our coverage zone. We do this according to demand, so if we are not in your area, be sure to contact us and let us know, especially if broadband is an issue for everyone in your area.

In terms of rollout details and timetables, we don’t publish a full detailed plan for competitive reasons but would be glad to discuss your area with you on a case by case basis.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.

Do I need a phone line for Supernova broadband?

No. The great thing about the Supernova broadband service is that you don’t need a phone line at all. Our system uses FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) – a professionally installed small antenna (less than 1ft square usually) connects you to our network. Therefore, there is no eircom line involved and you only deal with one company.

Does weather affect your service?

Our installers make sure that there is enough signal strength on all installations to ensure that rain or bad weather does not affect your service in any way.

What speeds are available and what speeds should I expect?

Nova Gigabit Broadband has max speeds of 1 Gigabit depending on your chosen package. 

Supernova broadband will give you the maximum speed available in your area. Typical maximum speeds are 25M-50M, depending on the area, distance from the transmitter, peak network usage and local radio conditions.

Can I connect all of the phones in my home to MyTalk phone service?

Our phone customers receive a phone adapter with one active phone socket on it which is connected to the point the broadband terminates in your house. You can use a standard double-jack telephone adapter to connect to one of your phone extension sockets which will allow all phones in the house to work. The full procedure for doing this is outlined in our support section. Please note our installers don’t do phone cabling.

Are there any other costs?

If you require optional phone service, a phone adapter costs €65. If you choose a phone service, it costs €6 per month for your geographic number. Any calls you make outside any call bundle you have are billed at our low rates (see and for full details).

What payment methods do you accept?

Your subscription is paid monthly in advance by direct debit. If you do not wish to pay by direct debit you can pay quarterly in advance by cheque, postal order, online debit or credit card payment but there is a processing charge for non direct-debit payments. We do not accept cash payments. You can pay online at

Can you come out and do a survey?

Due to the time and costs involved, we can’t do surveys without a firm order. If our installer can’t get line-of-sight or sufficient signal to install a connection on install day, there is no charge to you whatsoever.

What is included in a standard installation?

Before your broadband is installed, please refer to the following document, which covers what is included in a standard installation:

Standard Installation


What is number porting and how do I port my phone number to Nova?

By porting your number, you can stop paying line rental and keep your old phone number
Say goodbye your landline and line rental, keeping your old phone number for use with our service. This is also ideal if you are moving house or office and want to keep the same number. Alternatively, we can issue you with a new phone number (e.g. 021) to use with your Nova phone service.

It’s easy to request a port of your number:
You need to download and complete these TWO forms and send them to us with a copy of the first page of your last phone bill:

Porting Form
CAF (Customer Authorisation Form)

You don’t even need to cancel your phone line
DO NOT cancel your phone line. Your existing provider will do this as part of the porting process. If you cancel it, you may lose your phone number.

General FAQs

What dates does my invoice cover my service for?

Our billing cycle runs from 25th of the month, month-in-advance. Therefore if you get an invoice on 15th of the month, it will cover service from 25th of that month to 24th of the next month. For example:

  • an invoice is received on 15th May
  • it covers service from 25th May to 24th June

Your first month you will get two service invoices – one part month and one full month. Please click here for more details.

I need to change my bank account details

No problem. Please print and complete the following direct debit form:

Once this form is completed, please post to:

Nova Broadband,
Cork Internet eXchange,
Hollyhill Industrial Estate,

Please note that these forms take three weeks to be processed by us and to clear the banking system.

I want to make a payment by credit card, cheque or postal order

Direct debit is the only payment method we accept for recurring subscriptions, however if you wish to make a one-off payment you can use the following payment methods:

Debit or Credit Card (click here)
Postal Order

Can I get copy invoices/statements?

Yes, of course. We send out our monthly invoices by email. If you are not receiving them every month, please email us and we will add your email address to your account. If you are still not receiving them, please “allow” us in your spam filter.

If you need copy invoices or statements, just email us and we will be happy to help.

I am moving house or business premises

If you wish to move your connection, it will necessitate re-installation of an antenna and cable run at your new address. (We usually leave the old one in place). For residential connections, we have a special offer for this – rather than paying the full installation, we charge €75 for a move. For business installations, we will have to quote for the move.

If you wish to arrange a move, please give us one month’s notice of your move to ensure a smooth move.

What are your office hours?

Sales – 09.00 – 17.00, Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. Outside of these hours please send an enquiry via our website or email
Billing – 09.00 – 13.00, Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. Outside of these hours please email If you wish to make a payment you can do so by going to Your account number is displayed on your invoice.
Technical Support – 08.00 – 18.00, Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. Outside of these hours please open a ticket via our website or email
We have a team of network engineers on call 24/7/365 to monitor and operate our broadband network.  Customers with a service level agreement (SLA) have 24/7/365 phone access to an engineer.

Why did I get two service invoices in my first month?

Your first month, you will get two service invoices. The first (bridging) invoice, will be for a part month. Your second (full) invoice will be for the first full billing month.

We bill all customers month-in-advance from 25th of the month. Therefore, if you are installed on 10th of the month, you will receive a bridging invoice for service from 10th – 24th of that month and also another full invoice for the full month from the 25th of the month. For example:

  • Installation is done on 10th May
  • The first (bridging) invoice will cover 10th May to 24th May
  • The second (full) invoice will cover 25th May to 24th June.

From then on, you will receive one invoice a month, covering the month in advance, i.e. in the example above, the next invoice would cover 25th June to 24th July.

If you also have our phone service you will receive a second invoice each month, this will cover call charges outside your package. Call charges are billed in arrears from the 15th of the previous month to the 14th of the current month.

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