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Broadband Speeds Explained

Note: This page refers to Supernova services.

What speed should I be getting?

The maximum speed you get will be determined by your individual installation and can be limited by distance from the local transmitter, the type of transmitter in your area, local radio conditions, etc. Typical maximum speeds that customers get are usually between 25M and 50M.

Why would my link support a certain speed, but another link support a different speed?

For Supernova customers, radio interference, link quality or distance from the local transmitter can cause a limitation in the speed you can receive.

I’m doing speed tests, and my broadband isn’t running as fast as it should be. What should I do?

First of all, make sure you run speed tests using a computer and network cable. Speed tests over wifi are NOT accurate and give no indication of the speed of your actual broadband. Also, your broadband speed will vary – you are not guaranteed to get the maximum/up-to speed, especially at peak times. If you have done some cabled speed tests and your broadband is running slower than the package up-to speed a lot of the time, please raise a support ticket with us. Our support staff will do centralised testing and depending on the results of the testing, may elect to make some changes on your link, including a possible service call. If it is determined that due to physical link issues, for example interference on a radio link, that your link cannot support any higher rate, you will be offered the option of remaining on your current package or downgrading to a lower package.

Why does the speed of my broadband vary?

Many factors can make the speed vary from time to time:

  • Busy periods on the internet (at internet exchanges and big hosting sites)
  • Sources of interference coming on at particular times, e.g. evenings when interfering equipment is active
  • The performance of your computer, e.g. RAM, hard disk
  • Background applications running, e.g. anti-virus software, viruses, Bittorrent, etc.
  • Wifi interference in your home can cause a bottleneck even though the actual broadband is working properly. (Testing speed over wifi is not accurate – you should test speeds using an ethernet cable)

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