Nova Broadband is now a proud member of the Digiweb Group / Why did I get two service invoices in my first month?

Your first month, you will get two service invoices. The first (bridging) invoice, will be for a part month. Your second (full) invoice will be for the first full billing month.

We bill all customers month-in-advance from 25th of the month. Therefore, if you are installed on 10th of the month, you will receive a bridging invoice for service from 10th – 24th of that month and also another full invoice for the full month from the 25th of the month. For example:

  • Installation is done on 10th May
  • The first (bridging) invoice will cover 10th May to 24th May
  • The second (full) invoice will cover 25th May to 24th June.

From then on, you will receive one invoice a month, covering the month in advance, i.e. in the example above, the next invoice would cover 25th June to 24th July.

If you also have our phone service you will receive a second invoice each month, this will cover call charges outside your package. Call charges are billed in arrears from the 15th of the previous month to the 14th of the current month.

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