Nova Broadband is now a proud member of the Digiweb Group / How do I use MyTalk phone service with all of the existing extensions in my home?

Our phone adapter has one active phone port on it, which becomes your virtual phone line. You can plug a single phone into it or you can use a splitter to plug more than one phone in.

If you have existing extensions in the house that are all connected to your old eircom line, you can use the following procedure to make them all work with your Nova phone service:

1) You need to disconnect your eircom line from these extensions. This can be done by disconnecting the appropriate cable as it enters the house or by disconnecting it in the main eircom socket. We recommend that only competent persons do this, such as qualified electricians. Note that you would have to undo this step or hire someone to do it for you if you need to connect your extensions to the old phone line again in the future.

2) Connect a splitter to your Nova phone adapter “Phone 1” port. Connect a phone to one side of the splitter, then use a phone cable to connect the other side of the splitter to the phone socket on the wall. This will send the phone signal out to all of the other extensions in the house.

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