Nova Broadband is now a proud member of the Digiweb Group / How does voicemail work on the MyTalk phone service?

If you wish to have voicemail set up, please email us at and tell us which type of voicemail you require:

1) E-voicemail
E-voicemail is Nova Broadband’s’ new voicemail service for use with MyTalk. It sends your voicemail messages to your email inbox as a sound file, which means you can listen to it on a compatible laptop, smartphone, etc.

2) Standard touch-tone voicemail
In this case your voicemail is accessed through your touch-tone phone. To access your voicemail, just dial *97 and follow the prompts.

Once we set up your voicemail, we will respond to confirm and supply you with a mailbox password (4 digits).

To record your greeting message:
1) Dial *97 and enter the password supplied in your setup email
2) Press 0 for “Mailbox Options”
3) Press 1 to record your “unavailable message”. After the tone, record your greeting
4) Press 1 to accept the recording, 2 to listen or 3 to change it.

Your voicemail is now set up. Test it by calling from another phone and leaving a message.

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