Nova Broadband is now a proud member of the Digiweb Group / My laptop/device is asking me to enter a network key or password to get online

If your device is asking you to enter a wireless key (password) to connect to your wi-fi network, you will either have to enter it correctly or reset your router to factory settings.

Entering the wireless key:
If your router was provided by Nova, there should be a label underneath it with the network key, or the number called “PIN” on the manufacturer label will work, unless you have changed the key yourself. Nova does not keep records of users’ wireless keys.

Resetting the router (if you don’t know the key):

If you are in “bridge mode” with the public IP details on your router do not do this without contacting our helpdesk
You should hold down the pin-hole “reset” button for 10 seconds then wait one minute. You will then be able to connect to the router wirelessly.¬†Once this process is done, you must secure your router again to prevent your neighbours from hogging your broadband and possibly accessing your files. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Please note that we can’t provide support for the vast number of types of router and all of the potential problems these might have so we can’t provide direct support for this task.

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