Awwwards best websites / What does 10M mean? What is a “meg”? What speed to I need?

Broadband line speeds are expressed in “megabits per second” or for short “megabits” or even shorter “megs”. This number shows how fast your internet connection is. For example:

  • A user with a 10M broadband service takes 8 minutes to download a particular movie file
  • A user with a 20M broadband service should take 4 minutes to download the same file

Another way of looking at it is how many simultaneous users or downloads the service will support. If you have one person watching Netfilx on a 5M service, if another person tries watch Netflix on another device in the home, you may get some congestion. If you have a 10M service, it will easily support both.

So to summarise, the more “megs” you have, the more data you can stuff down your broadband line at any one time. For most households, 10M would be a good speed. 20M would be suitable for power users or a number of users on at the same time. Anything over 20M would be hard to get use out of, other than getting fancy speed test results you can gloat about to your mates.

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