Nova Broadband is now a proud member of the Digiweb Group / What is the quickest way to solve a technical problem?

We all want to get things done as quickly as possible in life and given how we depend on our broadband, fixing broadband issues is no exception. We operate a technical support helpdesk from our offices in Cork. If you have a technical problem, we recommend the following procedure for the quickest possible solution:

“Have you turned it off and on again?”
Really – this often sorts out problems. We recommend rebooting computers/tablets, powering off your Nova power supply/POE and router for 2 minutes, then on again.

Check the knowledge base
We have analysed all of the top issues over the years and covered solutions in our knowledge base. Go on – give it a shot, you’d be surprised how often it works.

Submit a Service Request Ticket
You can do this online in a jiffy by clicking here. Alternatively you can phone it in but this is slower as the person you deal with will take the details and raise a ticket for you. Our gifted and talented support gurus will go through tickets sequentially and analyse and sort your problem.

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