Nova Broadband is now a proud member of the Digiweb Group / Why do I get buffering with Netflix, YouTube, etc?

When video sites buffer (seen by the user as stuttering, pausing or stalling) it can be frustrating as it interrupts your user experience. Often, rebooting all of your equipment can help (Nova power supply, router, devices). Here is some more information regarding buffering:

A buffer allows for the download of part of a video or song so it can be played for a short amount of time, this process is called streaming.

When streaming, the buffer can become full and not allow for the next sequence to be played until the next part is downloaded. This can mean:

  • You may have performance problems on your router, your PC/tablet/device or your broadband line
  • You may not have enough speed to support the streaming content
  • There are too many people streaming the same content from the provider
  • You do not have the minimum requirement for some streaming

These issues can be caused bythe devices you are using to connect to the internet or an issue with the content provider.

There are a few steps that can be taken to help with the issue.

  1. Reboot all devices – Nova antenna power supply, router, PC/tablet/device.
  2. Change from High definition to Standard definition
  3. Check out the content provider’s troubleshooting tips

Here are links to troubleshooting tips from common content providers.

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